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Mission Dates: July 6-July 13, 2014

Mission team Charlie Rouse, M.D. (cardiologist), Ursula Phillip (community liaison), and Deirdre Rouse (gerontologist), Rosalind Smith, Dawn Johnson, Heather Cranford (data collection team)


  1. Expected Objectives
  1. Conduct cardiac and general health screening clinics at each community health center and a cardiac stress test clinic at the hospital
  2. Collect real time health data to establish a baseline for specialists needed for future medical mission trips beginning in September 2014 and provide collected data to the Ministry of Health
  3. Deliver pharmaceutical and medical supplies requested for the Alexandra Hospital and community health centers
  4.  Establish communication protocol at Alexandra Hospital for cardiac consultations
  5. Follow up as needed with the 9 cardiac patients previously identified during the September 2013 fact finding trip
  6. Conduct a health education forum on preventative health care
  1. Achieved Objectives
  1. Provided cardiac treadmill with echocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound machine and defibrillator to Alexandra Hospital enabling capability to perform treadmill stress testing. 
  2. Provided requested pharmaceutical supplies to the Alexandra Hospital pharmacy.
  3. Provided five One Touch Ultra 2 glucometers and five blood pressure cuffs to be dispersed to each community center.
  4. Provided testing protocols, procedures and consent forms for echo and treadmill stress testing.
  5. Conducted one echocardiogram at Alexandra Hospital.
  6. Conducted three treadmill stress tests at Alexandra Hospital.
  7. Performed follow-up examinations on seven cardiac patients previously examined during September 2013 fact finding trip.
  8. Performed consults and new patient examinations on two patients referred by Dr. Liburd.
  9. Conducted cardiac and general health screenings at Charlestown Methodist Church, Franklyn Browne Center, St. Paul Anglican Church and Old Shiloh Baptist Church-Ramsbury. The screenings included blood pressure, blood sugar checks and BMI (body mass index).
  10. Collected real time health data and shared at community health screenings.
  11. Provided data and graphs of all health screenings for July 7-July 11th. (See attached).


  1. Meetings
  1. Dr. Rouse participated in a press conference for the local TV station-NNC which was televised.
  2. Dr. Rouse met with Dr. Gonzales and Glenn Herbert for set-up and training on the cardiac treadmill and echocardiogram.
  3. Dr. Rouse and the Mission team had an exit dinner with the Minister of Health and Deputy Premier Mark Brantley.


  1. Number of persons served


  1. Alexandra Hospital

Two echocardiograms

Three treadmill stress tests

Two new patients/consults

Seven established patients from September 2013.


At each center, Nevisians who were identified as at risk by the health screenings met with Dr. Charlie Rouse for individual consultations.  In addition, Dr. Rouse had a roundtable discussion with all Nevisian citizens who participated in the health screenings. The presentations were very engaging, interactive, and informative about the risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and nutrition followed by question and answer sessions. 


Literature and educational paraphernalia was dispensed (Information from the American Heart Association, healthy cookbooks, diabetes and coronary disease).


  1. Charlestown Methodist Church

Ten served with support from Nurse Jenieve Daniel, Nurse Josette Allen, Nurse Bevelyn Jones, Nurse Garrilyn Hanney and Nurse Heather David.

  1. Franklyn Browne Center

Data was collected on 51 individuals but an estimate of 75 was served. Some participants did not turn in their data sheets. Support was provided by Nurse Josette Allen, Nurse Donna Hill, Nurse Aide Jacqueline France and volunteer Janelle France.

  1. St. Paul Anglican Church

Data was collected on 38 individuals but an estimate of 60 was served. Support was provided by Nurse Donna Hill, Nurse Jacinth Thompson and Nurse Myris Morton Maynard.

  1. Old Shiloh Baptist Church

Data was collected on 39 individuals. Support was provided by Nurse Jenieve Daniel, Nurse Deslyn Tyson Whyte and Nurse Ernette Manners



  1. Future Planning
  1. To return to Nevis or provide medication equipment two (2) to four (4) times per year through identified companies who provide such services worldwide, globally.
  2. To return to Nevis September 21-24, 2014 to provide follow-up visits as well as facilitate a Wellness Forum in recognition of Caribbean Wellness Month.
  3. To establish continued cardiovascular consultative services with physicians via Skype, fax, cell phone, etc.
  4. Establish a network of physician and hospitals in the United States willing to provide complimentary medical specialized services.
  5. Provide health clinic and screenings at Four Seasons.
  6. Provide education and training via CME based method for Nevetian private and government physicians.
  7. Target the youth and educate them on healthier eating by providing a Chef-Academy for the Nevisian youth which is a 4-5 hour course on preparing healthy meals.
  8. Establish mission opportunities for persons seeking medical careers (medical, nursing, and pharmaceutical students) as an integral part of their matriculation. The commitment would be one (1) week.
  9. Create a network with foundations, companies and other organizations that will allow access to resources to fuel ongoing mission trips.





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